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The court which can shine 

■所在地    福島県福島市
■敷地面積   231u 
■延床面積   166u   50坪
    住宅    149u   45坪
    ガレージ  17u    5坪
■構造・規模  木造・地上2階
設計期間   / 2006年10月〜2007年4月

■工事監理期間/ 2007年5月〜2007年10月

location          Fukushima,Fukushima Prefecture
site area         231u
total floor area     163u
  private residence  149u

  garage          17u
structure         wood,  2 story
complection date    october,2007



I consider the house to be the castle of the family, a symbol. In addition, I think that a person should be free in the house. However, in a modern city, this realization is difficult.
This project outlines a ground plan of the house with an inner courtyard to allow one the feeling of openness and being more free.
Furthermore, I created a line of sight from the entrance gate and the garage to the inner courtyard.  This design creates a feeling of isolation and privacy, as well as easy accessibility.
Friends and family can look forward gathering in the courtyard.

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